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Perfect for sleepovers, story telling and whatever you and your best friends like to do. Mixing up beautiful details, colours and fabrics, you can create your very own sanctuary, just the way you like it. Soooo sweet!

  • Pocahontas

    Lay and sleep like Pocahontas… Use your bed or the tent as your new ‘movie’ scene and play with your friends in the cool ambience. Hide and sleep in your Pocahontas tent and imagine you are on a fantastic adventure. The best place to hide for a real Pocahontas.

  • Little Princess

    A princess room, for a princess. From the edge of the bed, childhood heroes with big child-like eyes observe the enchanted play behind the curtains and exciting dreams. The Little Princess theme can be combined with all beds types and is available as a bed front and play curtain.

  • 4in1Bed 2

    From toddler to teenager – the time in between simply flies by! Who doesn’t dream of furniture which would simply ‘grow-up’ along with your child? The creative design of the new 4-in-1 bed means that that as your child grows, it can be easily converted to one of four designs.

  • 4in1Bed 4

    Build to last for loads of fun and many exciting adventures throughout the coming years. With the 4-in-1 bed you have the opportunity with only “ONE” bed to cover the needs for each phase of your child’s life. From the first introduction to a larger bed, starting low on the ground to building a semi-high bed for loads of fun and play.

  • 1001 Nights

    This room is 1001 cooler than your parent’s room when they were children. Perfect for sleepovers, story telling and whatever you and your best friends want to do.

  • Butterfly Love

    It is possible to hang this beautiful transparent Butterfly Love canopy over 3 different bed heights: over the basic four-poster bed, cabin four-poster bed or one of the mid-high four-poster beds. Accessories in the Butterfly Love design also include wonderful matching bedding and pillows.

  • Freebird

    Be a Freebird in your own room. Dream away and set your imagination free with this wonderful theme, where the birds flutter merrily around your head. The canopy can be used on different beds, and can be complemented with gorgeous matching accessories.

  • Ibiza Bloom

    Dream away in your own cool room. With Ibiza Bloom you have the possibility to create fun and summer everyday. Ibiza Bloom creates a holiday atmosphere in any girl’s bedroom. The light canopy of the four-poster bed is embroidered with white and pink flowers and sequins.

  • My Hangout

    My Hangout gives both young and older children plenty of room for fantasy games, cosy reading and lots of sleep in a snug bed - like a small apartment, on two floors, in your own bedroom! The additional large, side-mounted ladder leads to the upper floor with small windows (no glass), which can be opened outwards.

  • Silver Sparkle

    Whether you choose it high or low, you will feel like a little princess in this shiny silver private cottage bed. The bed is accompanied with roof panels, windows and a sky of dazzling Silversparkle fabric. The luxurious sky is made of organza and decorated with silver patent leather and many hand-embroidered details.

  • Sugar Pie

    Make up your own personal bedroom and choose from a large selection of different cool cushions, poufs or play curtain. You can combine these pretty accessories with the bed you like! A semi-high bed, basic bed, or a teenager bed - The choice is yours!

  • Teenager Bed

    We have two great options for the bed, where you can choose between sizes 120x200 cm or 140x200 cm. These basic beds are a neutral design to style the room the way you like. With our cool accessories, you can set free the stylist in you, and show your cool room to all your friends!

  • Wonderland

    Our Wonderland theme comes either as a stylish 4-poster bed or as a semi-high bed with a play curtain. Distinctive pillows, bed linen and poufs, all transform the room in a true oasis of imagination.

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