Prepare to explore the many cool items for your room and take your friends on a journey, which they will remember forever. From a cosy getaway, mysterious cave or a cool place to hide, at LIFETIME we create the perfect hideaway or playground. Cool, hey.

  • 4in1Bed 1

    Build to last for loads of fun and many exciting adventures throughout the coming years. With the 4-in-1 bed you have the opportunity with only “ONE” bed to cover the needs for each phase of your child’s life. From the first introduction to a larger bed, starting low on the ground to building a semi-high bed for loads of fun and play.

  • 4in1Bed 3

    From toddler to teenager – the time in between simply flies by! Who doesn’t dream of furniture which would simply ‘grow-up’ along with your child? The creative design of the new 4-in-1 bed means that it can be easily converted to one of four designs as your child grows - one design for each phase of your child’s life.

  • Adventure

    Discover your Adventure room! Prepare to explore many cool items for your room and take your friends on a journey, which they will remember forever. Choose the bed you like and complete it with all our great Adventure accessories.

  • Camp Canyon

    The Camp Canyon range offers your little adventurers the chance to have a real wild-west adventure in their bedroom! The semi-high bed with wood-panel cladding, functions as a perfect refuge where your little boy can play and have fun.

  • Junior Bed

    As with all our furniture, the junior bed comes with a timeless design making it the perfect solution for both baby and junior, whilst you can be safe in the knowledge that not only our beds created from safe, sustainable materials, but sturdy construction.

  • Basic Bed

    Create the coolest bedroom with our LIFETIME basic bed. With neutral options in white or white wash, combine it with fun accessories, like our cool rugs, bed linen and cushions. And if your child is looking for something new, like sleeping in a semi-high or high bed, you just buy the parts you need to rebuild the basic bed into a totally new bed combination. This way your bed will suit you for a lifetime.

  • Knight 2

    LIFETIME offers many options when you need to share the room by two. Not only the traditional bunk bed, but also like here in a flexible corner version, which gives new possibilities. Like shown here, you can even create your own fortress or battlefield with the Little Knight theme.

  • My Hangout 2

    My Hangout gives both young and older children plenty of room for fantasy games, cosy reading and lots of sleep in a snug bed - like a small apartment, on two floors, in your own bedroom! The additional large, side-mounted ladder leads to the upper floor with small windows (no glass), which can be opened outwards.

  • Study Bed

    Optimising space! What more do you need, when you can have ‘almost’ everything within 2 sq. meters. With these modules, we optimise your space by using the area below your bed for storage and an extendable desk.

  • Treehouse 2

    On top of the world! A magic Treehouse hideaway in your very own room. With window panels and roof planks in a ‘self-made style’, along with a sturdy wooden ladder or a gangplank with climbing rope, the Treehouse is a real tree hut feeling. So go and explore in the Treehouse bed, and tell your friends how you collected all the wood and built the Treehouse by yourself!

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